This blog showcases some of my favorite photoshoots, locations, and more about my life as a portrait photographer. I'm based in the STL Metro East and love getting the opportunity to travel, but still love my local shoots! When I'm not behind the camera you can find me diving into a good romance or fantasy book with a cup of coffee in hand or studying for my college classes! 
I hope that this blog can show my growth and journey as I learn more about photography and the business world. Thanks for joining along--I hope you enjoy.


Let's go!

Weddings have been something that I have dreamed of getting into ever since I first started taking photography seriously. Of course, booking clients (let alone wedding clients) can be hard in an industry with so many people.  Kenzie Martin, @capturedbykenzie on instagram, was in a photojournalism class with me last semester and mentioned she may […]

Second Shooting, Weddings

June 15, 2023

Second Shooting My First Wedding!

The bride and the groom with one hand over the other, showing off their rings.