Second Shooting My First Wedding!

The bride and the groom with one hand over the other, showing off their rings.

Weddings have been something that I have dreamed of getting into ever since I first started taking photography seriously. Of course, booking clients (let alone wedding clients) can be hard in an industry with so many people. 

Kenzie Martin, @capturedbykenzie on instagram, was in a photojournalism class with me last semester and mentioned she may need a second shooter for a few weddings this summer. I immediately let her know I would be thrilled to assist her at any weddings she may need help with. 

Fast forward to this past weekend, and I was at my first wedding where I was working as a photographer. It was a smaller ceremony and reception, probably around 50 people total. The wedding was located in a small Southern Illinois town at the bride and groom’s family church. The intimacy of the family and the wedding was something so special to be a part of—even just in the background.

I came in prepared, having gone through many photography wedding courses through different educators; but its always going to be different when you actually experience it. It had all the normal routine of details, bridal portraits, bridal party, first look, ceremony, family portraits, receptions, and send off. It was only a six hour coverage, but it was the perfect amount of time for a first wedding. 

Even though I was a second shooter, I still got SO many amazing pictures. I am so proud and happy with how much I have grown just in the past few months. The first step is putting yourself out there and I can’t wait for my next wedding. 

Contact me to talk more about this, ask questions, or book a shoot!

Madeline James

Photo of Madeline James holding a camera
Talk soon!

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